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Slipknot Concert Review: Subliminal Verses Tour [2005]

Slipknot Concert Reviews

The Subliminal Verses Tour 2005 Concert Reviews


5 stars

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Release Date: November 22 2002
Label: Roadrunner Records
Filmed: London, England (UK) on February 2002

Concert Review: Singapore, Fort Canning Green 2005

Date: 16th July 2005
Tour: Subliminal Verses Tour 2005
Country, Arena: Singapore, Fort Canning Green

Set List:
# (sic)

I started queuing as early as 9.30am, crazy-yes, who knows when the next concert will be. I got some help from a friend to queue for me whilst I went home to change and came back at 2pm with my sis. The weather was hot and humid! My sister who waited inside got to meet Jim and have our tickets signed. The actual crowd didn't form up till about 5.30pm or so. By that time Slipknot had already went in to the stage area for their sound check. They arrived in 2 separate vans that caused quite a commotion for some over hyped maggots. We got treated to the insanely intense sounds of Eyeless and Purity coming out from the arena. The gates were supposed to open at 6.30pm but we were allowed in earlier, one by one though. Each of us had to be tagged according to our tickets. My sis was the first one in. She was so excited, she tripped and rolled over the floor and was cover in grass and dirt from head to toe, bruised her arm pretty bad too.

We were totally pumped up because we bought the VIP cage tickets a.k.a. mosh pits and the stage was 5 feet away. We stood ourselves right in front where we thought Corey would be. Sid with his huge black shades on came up the stage and stood behind the amps and equipments. The crowd recognizes him and began chanting, "SID! SID! SID!" and "STARSCREAM"!! He then got out his DVD cam and shot towards the crowd who then went wild. Although Jim was barely visible, seeing parts of him got another round of "JIM! JIM! JIM" from the crowd. He was nice enough to wave before leaving. Even Shawn from Stone Sour was there acknowledged the crowd. Thankfully there were no opening bands cause the crowd would've 'kill them off'. The only ones we wanted to see were Slipknot. We've waited hours, days, weeks, months and years. We couldn't wait any longer.

It wasn't even 8.30 when the lights dimmed and Prelude came on…I'm like, what the….the crowd just went wild! There was a tiny glitch so Prelude started again. The maggots were raring to burgeon on the subliminal mayhem that is Slipknot. Even as the smoke rise up, blanketed the stage, even as the fans sang each word, all eyes were peeled on the stage. As Prelude played on, the members came on Joey stood up..Mick was checking the crowd through his slits, so was Clown. It was awesome to have him back!!!!

Once The Blister Exist kicked in, those at the front, including myself were pushed forward, pressed against the metal barricade and the chain of impetuous moshing and head banging began. At times, you couldn't even breathe. All the way through the nihilistic 17-song set, there were no gimmicks, Slipknot stayed focused on the music and nothing else. Even with a series of clinical, un-maggot like and illogical rules that were administered by the local authorities, every song generated a massive response and each 'Knot member played a rock-solid performance. They're pure musicians and great performers.

Corey spoke after a few songs and said "They said it would never happen, we would never cross the border and now here we are." It was awesome to hear him said " to play for our fans no matter what it takes". "Singapore is just like any other country we played, just a little more strict. We have played before in countries with strict rules and we came to have a good time with our kids (fans).' Great to see a band that doesn't cower from local authorities to fulfill their fans wish.

Spit It Out went well and the highlight was when they played Purity which something they haven't done in a long time. Corey asked how many have Iowa and that he wants to see it in our eyes when singing. Guess he wanted to check how many knew the words and knew the words they crowd did! Sid came on down during Vermillion and walked past closely to check the crowd out. He was his usual hyper, manic self. I'm not sure if he even dive into crowds anymore though he did tantalize the crowd by standing at the edge of the stage like he was about to jump off especially when he adjusted his pants like "ok, get ready, here I come.." kind of gesture. He paid his dues by making the sets his home ground! It was awesome!

Clown was back in full action! Both Chris and he did incredible on the percussions. Joey was a killer on the drums-it was insane! Jim and Mick, man, they did a full on assault with their guitars. What's awesome was that we could hear Craig's samples! He ruled!! Paul has a pretty cool looking Ibanez bass, which we could feel thumping. I thought his death mask that day was awesome! Craig had a hood over his death mask.

The sound system augmented every brutally beautiful note from each 'Knot member. The concert was chaotic but in a very good order, Slipknot reign it back and didn't let things get way out of hand-that's being smart unlike some egotistical pricks. At the end of the concert, Corey took time to thank the fans; he knelt down and bowed to the crowd 3 times! That's some serious shit. Us maggots were taken aback and let Corey know how much we appreciate Slipknot coming here. Corey said Slipknot would be back, so that's good.

While music is and always a priority, Slipknot proved its shows are both visual and musical experiences. Even as I write this review, 2 weeks later on I still get goose bumps thinking about it. I'm still reeling over the unbelievable realization that I have witness and was a part of the most powerful, ass-kicking, awe-inspiring and cathartic musical experience of my life. I know that the only way I'll come close to it again is at another Slipknot show.

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