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Slipknot Concert Review: The Subliminal Verses Tour 2005

Slipknot Concert Reviews

The Subliminal Verses Tour 2005 Concert Reviews


5 stars

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Release Date: November 22 2002
Label: Roadrunner Records
Filmed: London, England (UK) on February 2002

Concert Review: USA, Glendale Az - Glendale Arena 2005

Date: 6th April 2005
Tour: Subliminal Verses Tour 2005
Country, Arena: USA, Glendale, Az - Glendale Arena

Review: Wow where do i start.....I got to Glendale Arena around noon, the day of the show, there were a few people in line, probably 10 or 15. Not much happened during the day, I just killed time talking about the show, and what we would expect to see that night. About 3pm someone from the venue came over and said if we had a GA ticket we had to go to the front side of the arena where a line was set up, I ran over to the front of the building and became second inline. The guy in front of me had been inline since 7am.

At 3:45pm people from the arena came out and gave out the rules about what we could and couldnt bring in the arena and told us how it was going to be setup, (to get a wristband, etc.) 98 KUPD the rock station here in phoenix, came out around 4:00 pm. The guy ahead of me inline got backstages passes for him and a friend to meet shadows fall and slipknot during Lamb of God's set. Corey and Jim went down to the 98 kupd radio studios to do an acoustic cong, Vermillion pt2 and a little of an unreleased track, withint the next 2 days promises to have it up for downloading. The song done was the theme song to "aqua teen hunger force."

Corey and Jim promised they would do a full year of touring in support of subliminal verses, with a return to Phoenix this year. And a new album from Stone Sour, and a full touring cycle from Stone sour, as well as a new Slipknot cd.

At 5:00 pm the staff at the arena came out to give us wristbands, and start pat-downs. We got in the arena at 5:30 pm, and the guy who was first inline and myself ran down the stairs and to the front of the barricade. We got front and center and sat down to secure our spots. They had everyone sitdown before the show started(not sure why). Then i got up and the entire floor got up and pushed forward. Shadows fall began at 7:00pm, their setlist follows at the end of the review. Shadows Fall ended around 7:30 pm. They guy next to me left to go backstage and i got front and center. Shadows FAll was awesome. During "Thoughts Without Words" Johnathon's microphone went ou and during the Guitar Solo for "Light that Binds" the guitar went out, but all was fixed shortly. I was very happy to hear "Idiot Box"

Lamb of God was next, they went on abotu 7:50 pm. Lamb of God was awesome, as always. They came out to a bell and an arabic chant. The 4 guys came out. Chris started with the double bass and the guitars were loud as shit. Randy came out lastand went off. Pacing back and forth the entire set jumping and movign with the music. Half way through their set, the lights went down, The "Pure American Metal" banner came down and Randy sang vigil, with cigarette in hand and a red strip in the other hand. The pit was crazy.

Last but NEVER last, SLIPKNOT. A curtain dropped and we got to watch a 30 min video of past performances, the guys joking around backstage, etc. They lights went down and the fog began to fill the stage and creeped out from under the curtain. A voice came over the PA said "due to uncontrolable circumstances, Slipknot are unable to play, so other arrangements are being made." Corey came out and said "Phoenix, Phoenix are you ready for us...." Then Prelude 3.0 began. After it ended, They began into the first song, "The Blister Exsists". The curtain dropped and it was chaos, the pit was crazy the sold out crowd went nuts in the seats. Joey began up in the air with his back to us, and the others were on the hydroli drum and keg lifts. For the next 1 hour and 45 minutes, Slipknot threw everything they had, and then some at us. Corey reasured us they woudl be back as long as they continued to sell out the arena's. Slipknots set include an awesopme drum solo from Joey, and all 9 members giving us 110% and more.

The only problem i would say exsists all night was security. I understand it was a big barricade and a rough crowd, but 15 plus 5 security guards from the band was unnecessary. During the abundant amount of crowd surfers durign the show, especially during Slipknot's performance, they couldnt get the people out fast enopugh, they stood in the way for a few seconds and then were pushed off to the side. One or two is ok but once 10-15 surfers came over, its hard to see. I think the security team was a bit underexpericed. All and all it was awesome, anyone who has not seen SHadows Fall, Lamb of God, or SLipknot before, needs to go, all three were well matched being on tour togher, and i hope they all have great careers. I was lucky enough to walk away with the SHadows Fall and Lamb of God Setlists
The best quote of the night came from Corey."In 1999 the ctitics said this band, was a fluke! In 2001 they said it was an abomination! Well that is actually a little bit true. But last week, we picked up our golden FUCKIN plaques. Which just shows, if you, our fans stick with us, this Band WILL NEVER DIE!!! NOW ARE YOU WITH ME!(crowd screams YEAH!!!) ok then. So Arizona, do you know how fucking nervous it makes us coming here, in front of 7000 fucking people? The answer is, it doesnt. Seeing this many fans only drives to play harder than ever!"

Ok, so now whne Spit it out comes on Corey says,"If everyone of you get on the fucking ground right fucking now, you will have broken the fucking record, for this whole mother fucking tour! Now how the fuck does that sound FUCKERS!!"

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