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Slipknot Concert Review: The Subliminal Verses Tour 2005

Slipknot Concert Reviews

The Subliminal Verses Tour 2005


5 stars

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Release Date: November 22 2002
Label: Roadrunner Records
Filmed: London, England (UK) on February 2002

Concert Review: USA, New jersey 2005

Date: 6th March 2005
Tour: Subliminal Verses Tour 2005
Country, Arena: USA, New Jersey

Review: I went to the show in new jersey on the subliminal verses tour march 6th. Fucking insane. They were crazy. The 1st band to play was gizmachi who were actually alot better than i thought they were before the show. They played like 5-8 songs im not sure cuz i dont really know the band and their music. Next on was shadows fall who were awesome. I wanted them to play some more shit off their old album but w/e it was good anyway. They played a bit more than gizmachi.

Then came lamb of god. Fucking speechless. They were amazing. Played everything i wanted them to and even some i didnt expect like bloodletting and a few other things off the btp album.

After that was Slipknot. They were fucking amazing. They came on after like a half hour of setting up and a white curtain dropped. They played prelude over the pa and started blister while doing somewhat of a sillhouette behind the curtain. Once the song picked up they dropped the curtain and the whole crowd went fucking nuts. After that they played (sic) which was awesome cuz its 1 of their fastest and heaviest songs. Then its all a blur what they played i can basicly say they played everything including disasterpiece, surfacing, spit it out, wait and bleed, everything ends, both vermillions, iowa partly, and like 12 or 13 other songs i jus tdont remember because i was on a complete adrenaline rush and everything is just a fuz. Not to mention i had a concussion because i got pushed in the pit and rammed my head into the steel gate up front. But yeah amazing show best ive ever been to. Definately a 10/10. Cant wait for the next cd or next time theyre in town (hoping on a 6/6/06 cd release b/c that would be nuts and it would have to be an awesome cd)

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