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Slipknot Concert Review: The Subliminal Verses Tour 2005

Slipknot Concert Reviews

The Subliminal Verses Tour 2005


5 stars

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Release Date: November 22 2002
Label: Roadrunner Records
Filmed: London, England (UK) on February 2002

Concert Review:Venezuela, Caracas - Poliedro de Caracas

Date: 20th September 2005
Tour: Subliminal Verses Tour 2005
Country, Arena: Venezuela, Caracas - Poliedro de Caracas

Review: The first thing that i looked at , was the huge line of maggots at the entrance of the place (i was about 1/2 km's), and when i asked the security guy about at what time started to came people to the play , he answer were : at 10 pm of the day before . that really freaked me up Before Slipknot , there was a local pretty good band called CANDY 66 (i really recomend you to download or search for some songs of this group) The first song in the air was Blister exist , but before that , they put Prelude 3.0 (but the didnt play it ) There was a pretty dam (sic) vibe in the air and everybody was screaming , jumping. You could see a mass of people making headBANGS all over the place. Everybody were euforic , because iT was the first time that slipknot played in Venezuela . They play about 15 songs: blister exits , sic , disasterpiece, before i forget , left behind , vermillion , pulse of the maggots , everything ends, heretic anthem , duality spit it out , get this , wait and bleed , people = shit , surfacing In spit it out , Corey asked everybody to sit in the fucking ground , and when he said salten salten (jump , jump ), (just like disasterpieces dvd) it was a totally fucking sickness. At the end of the show ,# 8 was really fucking happy , because the crowd was just fucking insane , he said with this words : Where been in this tour for 1/2 year , but you were the most fucking insane crowd we ever had in this tour. And for last he put himself on knees and started to make praises to the crowd and then he took a venezuelan flag , making everybody scream. ( i almost fucking cry on that moment) If i have to describe the concert in 1 word , i would say : unreal

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