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Slipknot Demo

Slipknot Demo

The Original Slipknot Demo '97

slipknot 1997 origina demo
The Original Slipknot Demo CD
track listing
1 - Spit It Out
2 - Wait and Bleed
3 - Snap
4 - Interloper
5 - Despise

This "demo" was launched through 1997 before Slipknots self titled album debut album. A limited amount of copies were released so this demo is extremely rare and is unavailable to buy in shops, so try ebay. Obviously beware of FAKES!

This demo included two of possibly Slipknot's most successful songs to date, Spit It Out and Wait and Bleed.

The Interloper and Despise tracks would feature on Digi Pak versions, and Snap would appear many years later in the Freddy VS Jason Movie.

If you have this, You are lucky to own this ultra rare.. awesome.. Slipknot demo!

Head over to the audio page if you want to listen to the songs.

Slipknot Members for Demo
Corey Taylor - Vocal
Mick Thompson - Guitarist
Shawn "Clown" Crahan - Percussion
Craig '133' Jones - Samples/Media
Josh 'Gnar' Brainard - Guitarist
Anders Colsefini - Percussions, backing Vocals
Paul Gray - Bass
Joey Jordison - Drums
Sid Wilson - DJ

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