Slipknot Equipment

Slipknot Equipment

current slipknot equipment (as of 2008 all hope is gone)

Here is the equipment list for the members of Slipknot. Please note, these are not 100% accurate as they change their equipment regulary and get new stuff.

If you could provide some setup information which is accurate and up-to-date, please contact us via the contact form. Thanks.

sid wilson #0
Sid Wilson
2 technics SL1200MKII turntables
Vestax mixers
Sony MDR-V700DJ Headphones
Rane 10" TTM4 mixer and Roland DJ 1000 or 3000 10"
19" mixer and Shure M447 needles
KP2 KAOSS Pad 2 digital effect/controller
Digitech Whammy 4 pedal
Line 6 PODxt Live Guitar Multi Effect Pedal Board
joey jordison #1
Joey Jordison
CYMBALS (all Paiste)
-14in. 2002 wild hi-hats
-19in. 2002 wild china
-17in. RUDE crash/ride
-8in. signature splash
-6in. signature splash
-10in. signature splash
-18in. RUDE crash/ride
-19in. RUDE crash/ride
-13in. signature heavy hi-hats
-20in. 2002 power ride
-21in. 2002 wild china
-15in. 2002 wild china
-18in. RUDE china
-13in. signature mega cup chima

DRUMS (all Pearl, jet black w/ gold hardware and slipknot logos all over the circumfrence of the drums)
-22x18 bass drum (x2)
-14x6.5 snare drum -or- 13x6.5 Joey Jordison signature series snare drum
-8x7 tom
-10x8 tom
-12x9 tom
-13x10 tom
-16x16 floor tom
-18x16 floor tom
-20x14 gong drum
-6x12 quarter tom
-6x15 quarter tom
-6x18 quarter tom
-6x21 quarter tom

He also uses a Ddrum pad along with: Alesis DM-5 drum triggers (x2), Furman PL-8 Pro 2 power conditioner, Radial Pro-D8 direct box, Akai Z4, Roland 808, and Planet wave cables.

STICKS - Ahead signature series
RACK - A&S Case Co. 4 Space Shockmount Rack
paul gray #2
Paul Gray
Bass Guitar
Ibanez PGB1 Paul Gray signature bass (All Hope Is Gone)
Warwick Corvette standard Bubinga (Self titled album)
Warwick Thumb Neck Through (Iowa)
Warwick Streamer Stage 2 (Vol. 3)


Peavey GPS 2600 power amps
Peavey Pro 810 bass enclosures
Peavey Pro 1600 bass amp head(1600 watts)
chris fehn #3
Chris Fehn
Aircraft (Titanium) material kegs, the drums has springs on the bottom
2 Mounted Toms
1 Empty Steel Beer Keg
1 Bass Drum (Turned on other side)
1 Floor Tom
Vater Hammer Sticks

jim root #4

Jim Root
Guitar. Custom fender Flat-Head Hardtale Ebony
Pick-Ups. EMG 81/60 combo
12 Degree Neck Radius
Knobs: 3 Way Toggle, Volume

specs at Fender Website

1.Korg Guitar tuner
2.Digitech Whammy 4 pedal
3.Digitech Tone Driver pedal
4.Dunlop Crybaby 530Q
5.Digitech Synth Wah pedal
6.Digitech Multi-chorus
7.Digitech Digidelay
8.Dunlop Auto QÊ pedal
9.Maxon AF-9 Audio Filter
10.Dunlop JH3S Jimi Hendrix Octave Fuzz
11.DigiTech SynthWah and Hyper Phaser
12.OD-9 Overdrive
13.Electro-Harmonix Small Stone

Voodoo Lab Pedal Power Supply
GCX Guitar Audio Switcher
MXR M-120 Auto Q

Rivera Knucklehead Reverb 6L6
Rivera Celestion G12T75-loaded K412 speaker cabinets
orange rockerverb 100 heads with orange 4x12 cabs

Ernie Ball strings (.011, .015, .018, .028, .038, .058)

craig 133 jones #5
Craig Jones
Yamaha Controller
Yamaha PSR 720
Roland JP8000
AKAI MPC2000XL Sampler
Nord Lead Synth/Yamaha Crsx-7 for 74126000027
shawn clown crahan #6
Shawn Crahan
Dunnett Classic Drums
2 Mounted Toms
1 Floor Tom
1 Empty Steel Beer Keg
1 Bass Drum (Turned on other side)
Zildijan Absolute Rock Sticks
Vater Hammer Sticks
mick thomson #7
Mick Thomson

Guitars. Ibanez Rg-6 body signature guitar
Pickups. Seymor Duncan
Fretes. "SEVEN" inlay frets 1-5
Mahagony fretboard and neck
Maple body maple top with white binding
3-way pickup changer
one volume knob
black floyd rose bridge

(Older Guitars)
BC Rich Bich Custom
BC Rich Warlock Custom

1.Ibanez Tube Screamer
2.Line 6 DL-4
3.Line 6 MM-4
4.Dunlop JH3S Jimi Hendrix Octave Fuzz
5.CryBaby rackmount wah
6.Ibanez Tube Screamer
7.Boss GX-700
8.Boss Super Overdrive
8.Electro-Harmonix Bass Balls

Rivera Knucklehead Reverb EL34
Rivera Celestion G12T75-loaded K412 speaker cabinets
Randall Iso CAB - Carvon B8100
Celestion speakers

Custom Switchers
bradshaw Switcher
AT Wireless and Sony Wireless

D'addario strings (.011, .015, .018, .028, .038, .058)
Jazz ill

corey taylor #8
Corey Taylor

Shure SM58 microphone
Shure Wireless system


Voice Chorus for bridge of Eeyore (Ibanez)