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Slipknot Injuries

Slipknot Injuries

sid wilson #0

Sid Wilson #0

  • Third-degree burns on leg from lighting self on fire.
  • Two broken ribs from diving into guard rail.
  • Cuts and bruises from encounters with Shawn on stage.
  • Jumped off a two story ledge in to a crowd and sprained ankle.
  • Splitting open his head while working on his studio before the Psychosocial Video shoot.
  • Broke Both heels whilst jumping of back stage at Mayhem Festival 2008.
Jay Weinberg photo

Jay Weinberg

  • Unknown 

Alessandro Venturella

Alex Venturella

  • Unknown 

chris fehn #3

Chris Fehn #3

  • Shinsplints
  • Bruises and cuts
  • Chonicly sore neck from headbanging.

jim root #4

Jim Root #4

  • Cuts and bruises from various accidents.

craig jones #5

Craig Jones #5

  • Broken big toe. (Squished under Shawns Keg)
  • Whiplash from headbanging.

shawn crahan #6

Shawn Crahan #6

  • An assortment of abrasions, bruises and broken bones from physical contact with bandmates.
  • Several slipped vertebrae.
  • Broken ribs
  • Broken Knuckles from punching the shit out of himself, keg, fans, bandmates, and pretty much anything in sight.
  • Ozzfest 99' 2 gash's in forehead requiring 39 total stitches from slaming head into keg.
  • Lacerations in head.
  • Dislocated Shoulder from Hurling self into drum kit.
  • Split colar bone.
  • Concussion from slamming head into keg.
  • Wide array of general tissue degeneration.
  • Bruised pelvis from failed backflip attempts.
  • Tackled and maced by security (he was riding in a golf cart near the tour buses and security didnt know who he was andShawn fought back)

mick thomson #7

Mick Thomson #7

  • Severe back problems from his head banging guitar style.
  • One of clowns pipes and it took out a chunk of the fretboard and mick sliced his hand open while playing

corey taylor #8

Corey Taylor #8

  • Blue, hairless, patch on leg from being lit on fire.
  • Various cuts and bruises.
  • Suffered a servere scalp infection from making his first mask. he pulled out his own hair, made it into dreds and put them onto the mask
  • Fell over on stage and sprained his ankle (Greece 2005)

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