Slipknot Injuries

Slipknot Injuries

major slipknot injuries

Here are the numerous injuries and wounds that Slipknot Members have encountered while performing live. Note, that not ALL injuries have been listed but more of the major ones.

sid wilson #0
Sid Wilson
1. Third-degree burns on leg from lighting self on fire.
2. Two broken ribs from diving into guard rail.
3. Cuts and bruises from encounters with Shawn on stage.
4. Jumped off a two story ledge in to a crowd and sprained ankle.
5. Splitting open his head while working on his studio before the Psychosocial Video shoot.
6. Broke Both heels whilst jumping of back stage at Mayhem Festival 2008.
joey jordison #1
Joey Jordison
1. Severely lacerated shin from pulling his drum set on top of him.
2. Broken and scarred knuckles (Mainly from punching things)
3. Concussion and stitches from flying steel pipe (Thrown by Shawn)
4. Broke his ankle (Mayhem Fest. 2008)
paul gray #2
Paul Gray
1. Cuts and bruises from various accidents.
2. A fan tossed a bottle at him when they were playing on stage, it hit
the back of his head and gave him some bruises.
chris fehn #3
Chris Fehn
1. Shinsplints
2. Bruises and cuts
3. Chonicly sore neck from headbanging.

jim root #4

Jim Root
1. Cuts and bruises from various accidents.
craig 133 jones #5
Craig Jones
1. Broken big toe. (Squished under Shawns Keg)
2. Whiplash from headbanging.
shawn clown crahan #6
Shawn Crahan
1. An assortment of abrasions, bruises and broken bones from physical contact with
2. Several slipped vertebrae.
3. Broken ribs
4. Broken Knuckles from punching the shit out of himself, keg, fans, bandmates, and pretty much anything in sight.
5. Ozzfest 99' 2 gash's in forehead requiring 39 total stitches from slaming head into keg.
6. Lacerations in head.
7. Dislocated Shoulder from Hurling self into drum kit.
8. Split colar bone.
9. Concussion from slamming head into keg.
10. Wide array of general tissue degeneration.
11. Bruised pelvis from failed backflip attempts.
12. Tackled and maced by security
(he was riding in a golf cart near the tour buses and security didnt know who he was and
Shawn fought back)
mick thomson #7
Mick Thomson
1. Severe back problems from his head banging guitar style.
2. One of clowns pipes and it took out a chunk of the fretboard and mick sliced his hand open whilen playing
corey taylor #8
Corey Taylor
1. Blue, hairless, patch on leg from being lit on fire.
2. Various cuts and bruises.
3. Suffered a servere scalp infection from making his first mask. he pulled out his own hair, made it into dreds and put them onto the mask
4. Fell over on stage and sprained his ankle (Greece 2005)